Using My Scraps….

Scrap Bin Potholders万博体育mantbex官网

Last night at 9pm,I made my lastScrap Bin Potholder.I used up almost all the scraps I had,the few I couldn't use,will be the yeast to grow the new batch of scraps.

I'll have all these potholders done and for sale in my Etsy Shop next week.万博体育mantbex官网

5 thoughts on "Using My Scraps…."

  1. The leftover scraps will be your sourdough starter.I think bakers call it the "Mother dough".

  2. Wondering if you noticed that the bottom right one has a scrap with an image in brown and black that looks much like a vulva?It also reminds me of a third eye.

  3. When I first saw the photo,I thought it was a quilt.I think all of those scrap potholders would make a great quilt.万博体育mantbex官网

  4. It is actually an eye Amanda!I have this great dress from Africa,that I got at a thrift store with eyes all over it.This is one of them.

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